Bloom Classic Singapore

Bloom Classic is a cosmetic maker from Japan which has gained great popularity and has been a trusted brand among the ladies ever since it was founded in 1984 by Mr Hayami Tabe, founder and CEO of BLOOM CLASSIC Japan and Singapore. He has won great success through his journey as a business entrepreneur from scratch. Truly admired for his passion and philosophy of life which he shares in his success business stories.

It has successfully operates numerous aesthetic salons and developed techniques around Japan which made it a major player with cosmetics. It has been a great 30 years since BLOOM CLASSIC was founded. Presently, it has owned 50 stores, hundreds of franchises and approximately around 500 beauty stores around Japan which offers the cosmetic products too.


BLOOM CLASSIC SINGAPORE has since operates it's business in April 2014. Has no desire to develop the business through cosmetics and aesthetic salons know-how only, but it has plans of expanding BLOOM CLASSIC in the ASEAN countries too.

We hope to achieve and prosper together successfully with various owners in the ASEAN countries.

We aim to provide the highest quality and value products, sharing our know-how business techniques and last but not least conducting business seminars.


BLOOM CLASSIC is looking forward in expanding it's business strategics and attracting as many happy consumers as much as possible, presently, and near future endeavors.


We manufacture excellent products

We believe that cosmetics are products that consumers put directly on their skin. We implement the strictest product manufacturing processes and quality control management, resulting in excellent quality products.

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO22716:2007 Cosmetics -- Good Manufacturing Practices

We create products of your dreams

We believe in using technology to enhance the efficacy and quality of our products. We have an in-house R&D team and Product Planning and Development team to work with our clients to create their dream products.

55 In-house Organic Raw Material
Nano organic ingredients. Halal Certification pending

We commit to environmental sustainability

We believe in environmental sustainability. Our factory is situated in a highly natural environment and our products are manufactured using environmentally-friendly and natural ingredients, processes and packaging. 

ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems