Manufacturing Process

We provide beauty and health produced from dermatology, dietetics and beauty treatment technology.

Development Process

BLOOM CLASSIC gives the greatest attention to what customers really need, manufacturing high-level, high-quality products with an integrated system from planning through to production.

Manufacturing Process



The raw materials required to make the products are brought in from the storage area via the air shower to be accurately weighed on the weight management system. Weights between 0.001g to 300kg can be easured accurately. All of the resulting weights are recorded by a computer.


Vacuum emulsification equipment

Emulsification refers to stabilizing water-based raw materials and oilbased raw materials mixed together at high speeds. After dissolving both the water-based and oil-based raw materials in the raw material dissolution tank, emulsification occurs simultaneously with heating in the vacuum emulsification equipment. The products are removed from the equipment a fter they have cooled. We are equipped with small-scale type machines that produce 30kg-60kgs, as well as large-scales types that 140kg-280kgs. We also have a 5kg prototype can produce between machine that is mainly used to trial new products (increased scale) and to make samples.
[Products that can be manufactured] Gels, latex, creams, packs, etc.

Open mixing equipment

Mainly used to stir and mix low-viscosity raw materials. Both water-based cosmetics and oil-based cosmetics can be produced. Produces up to 400kgs at one time.Usage of either the 200l type or 500l type is determined by the amount to be produced.
Products that can be manufactured]Cleansers, lotions, essence, massage oils, etc.

High-pressure emulsification equipment (Nanomizer)

Emulsification by blending water-based and oil-based raw materials using pressure. The extremely high pressure exerted enables incredibly fine emulsified particles to be produced. The size of emulsified particles, which is normally micro-level, can be reduced to the nano-level. The nanomizer can produce high quality products with increased permeability.
[Products that can be manufactured]Lotions, gels, latex, essence, etc.


Loading equipment

After cleansing the inside of the bottle with an air cleaner, the bulk (cosmetic content) is loaded into the bottle using a pump. The weight of the load is precisely controlled. After loading, the bottle or jar is transported to the next process via a conveyor . Tube type containers are filled to the top using what is known as the hot air method.

Loading equipment for pouches

At the same time as being made with the crimp heat method, small pouches are loaded with a small amount of bulk. Although production is continuous, each pouch is inspected one by one before completion. Mainly used to make sample size products for trial use, etc.

Soap manufacturing equipment

Used to manufacture soap. Solidifies the mixed soap bulk before slowly dehydrating it. Also performs indented molding and preparation for packaging. Can also produce transparent soap.

4.Packing and finishing


The weight is precisely measured again a fter loading to confirm it contains the specified amount. If it contains too little or too much, it will not become a final product.


Wound rolled labels are peeled off the mount and attached to the container. The label is precisely positioned to create a beautiful end product.


Each product undergoes a final visual inspection before being stored in a dedicated cosmetics case. The product is carefully packed to ensure the customer receives a pristine product. Wrapping film is used as required.


Distribution Center

Products that have passed inspections and are stored in warehouses are then shipped from the Distribution Center. We also provide support for shipping of many different types of small items, and we have a system for rapid response to deal with customer orders as soon as they are received.