Quality Assurance

We provide beauty and health produced from dermatology, dietetics and beauty treatment technology.

Development Process

BLOOM CLASSIC gives the greatest attention to what customers really need, manufacturing high-level, high-quality products with an integrated system from planning through to production.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control Room

Checks are performed to confirm that manufactured products me et established standards. Only products that are of a high quality and meet these standards will be shipped as final products.

Microbe Inspection Room

Mainly microbe inspections are conducted here. These inspections verify that products have not been contaminated with bacteria. Checks are also performed to ensure that bacteria and mold do not multiply within products.

Environmental Experiment Room

Products are stored in a special environment to ensure that they can be used with peace of mind, and checks are performed to prevent any drop in quality.

Sample Storage Room

Samples of manufactured products are taken and stored here on a regular basis. There is an obligation for 5 years of storage.