Techno Factory

Pursuing safety with cutting-edge equipment and advanced production technology, and manufacturing advanced, high-quality products.

Bloom Classic Beauty Laboratory & Techno Factory

Opened in July 2009, the Bloom Classic Ehime Techno Factory takes as its concept the notion of being "eco-friendly and natural" and was formed in the famously scenic location of Ozu city, also known as the little Kyoto of Izu Province, which is surrounded by nature in the form of greenery, sea and rivers.

Bloom Classic Ehime Techno Factory uses there blessings of nature and aims to manufacture highly safe and reliable products. We consistently satisfy customer needs by uniting this wonderful natural environment with cutting-edge technology.

At the core of its business, Bloom Classic strictly oversees a unified process encompassing everything from planning to manufacturing of cosmetics and its Bloom Classic Ehime Techno Factory. Through this process it is able to deal in safe, high quality products. Holds ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

Eco & Natural

  • We produce eco-friendly cosmetics that are kind both to skin and to the environment with main ingredients taken from raw materials derived from plants. We are promoting the development of organic products with a concept of safety,peace of mind, and reliability.
  • We develop products with raw materals from crops that are native to Ehime Prefecture and that are grown by well-known producers.
  • We try to ensure that production is environmentally-friendly and that raw materials or other materials are not wasted.
  • We circulate the factory's coolant water in order to conserve water.
  • The building has been designed to utilize sunlight in order to conserve electricity.


  • Raw materials, other materials and workers enter the production area via an air shower, which ensures a clean production environment.
  • Machines, tools and equipment used at each stage of the production process are disassembled and then thoroughly washed and sterilized in a dedicated room.


  • We manufacture advanced, high-quality products using the latest technologies, such as vacuum emulsification equipment, high-pressure emulsification equipment, and nanomizers.
  • We have installed a highly efficient weight management system so that weighing is accurate and mistake-free.
  • Our soap production equipment produces unique soap products.

Factory Tours

Large numbers of visitors may come and see the Bloom Classic Ehime Techno Factory on the observation tour.

This allows you to observe areas that are not normally on show, such as the mixing process and the Quality Control Room. Not only will you learn about the cosmetic manufacturing process, you will also be able to use some of the cosmetic products, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the garden terrace as you experience the "eco-friendly & natural" concept of the Bloom Classic Ehime Techno Factory.